About Us

Mark the Ticket Guy in front of Wrigley Field during the 2016 World Series

One of my favorite events ever was the 2016 World Series. I was fortunate enough to attend Game 5 at Wrigley Field in Chicago and Game 7 at Progressive field in Cleveland

I love travelling, sporting events, breweries, craft beer bars, wine bars, happy hours, and art museums.

Living in Wrigleyville, I first started by absorbing the craft beer, museum and sports culture in Chicago while pursuing my business degree.

After that, I moved back to Cleveland and opened one of the first craft beer bars in Northeast Ohio. I owned that bar for just over 10 years and during that time, I began to broker event tickets while slowly pursuing my Masters in Humanities focusing on Art History.

I sold my bar and soon thereafter finished my Masters Degree. No longer being able to tolerate the frigid winters I packed it up for the warmer weather of Southwest Florida but I then needed work and something to do.

Over the next couple years, I began to study wine and obtained my Certified Sommelier Certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers while also waiting tables part-time on Sanibel Island.

Since discovering that many “Sports Travel Packages”are grossly overpriced and having a need to feed my addiction for sporting events and travelling, Mark the Ticket Guy was born. Using everything I’ve learned, I travel and write about my experiences about the best things to do near major sporting events with a focus on service and value.

I find the places that you may overlook because they aren’t necessarily the bar or restaurant across the street from the arena. These restaurants may be a block or two further or offer a shuttle to the game while not having the simple agenda of getting you in, taking your money, and getting you out. You’ll find that my website allows to to easily put together your sports travel vacation for much less while offering great value regardless of your travel budget.

I welcome any comments and advice that can better serve the sports fan in pursuit of cool museums, good local food, awesome beer, great wine and the best happy hour.