The Breweries of St. Petersburg

Urban Comfort Restaurant and Brewery in St. Petersburg is the only brewery that also has a full service restaurant

For variety, value, and ease of access, I would have to say that St. Petersburg is my favorite city in the United States for drinking craft beer.  Depending on your tolerance, I’m guessing it would take a dedicated beer geek no more than two or three days to survey their extensive craft beer culture.  

This list includes 10 breweries and I also created another list of 7 beer bars.  Most of these breweries and beer bars are within a few blocks of a 2 mile stretch of Central Avenue in downtown St. Pete and are easily navigable with the use of the Central Avenue Trolley (CAT) which only costs 50 cents.  I listed breweries in a geographical manner starting west of Tropicana Field and then heading east on Central Ave. towards downtown St. Pete. For more information, check out St. Pete Breweries & St. Pete Beer Bars both included in my St. Petersburg Dining Guide.

Urban Comfort Restaurant and Brewery

Urban Comfort Brewery, 2601 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 727-623-9823

Urban Comfort Restaurant and Brewery is the only full service restaurant and brewery in St. Petersburg. This is the furthest away from downtown St. Pete among those bars and breweries on the list but the Central Ave. Trolley (CAT) has a convenient stop right at 26 th St. which is only steps from Urban’s front door.

“Comfort food” is their specialty (try the fried chicken) and Urban is constantly improving upon their brewing facility which recently opened late in 2016. I drank the Royal Bohemian Pilsner for which the brewer deservedly received the gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. They also have a variety of cocktails and a great staff!

3 Daughters Brewing

The beers on tap at 3 Daughters Brewing

3 Daughters Brewing opens by 2PM every day so this brewery is a good option for an early stop concerning your brewery crawl. The name of this place is a bit of a misnomer. I thought this brewery was actually run by three daughters but it is actually named as a tribute to the three little girls of the owners, Mike and Leigh Harting.

Three Daughters proclaim to be the “largest brewery in St.Petersburg” but the majority of the tasting room is closed except during special events or when they offer live entertainment.

3 Daughters Brewing features 18 on tap and my favorite is the Bimini Twist IPA 7% ABV which is also sold in six-pack cans at local retailers.

Cage Brewery

Cage Brewery near Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg

Cage Brewery recently opened in January 2016. Cage brews a decent selection of beers as well as providing a few ciders which they get from other breweries in the area. This brewery also has a nice sized patio and very inviting people behind the bar.

If you want to keep yourself entertained, Cage has a couple of pinball machines and a foosball table. I recommend trying PB Fudge Brownie (Porter) or Mango Bob’s (Mango American IPA). This brewery is among my favorites in St. Petersburg.

Cage Brewing opens at noon on the weekends and 3PM during the week.

Pinellas Ale Works Brewery

Pinellas Ale Works near Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg

Pinellas Ale Works Brewery (PAW) is another example of the constantly expanding craft beer culture in St. Petersburg. Every time I go to St. Pete, another brewery opens and Pinellas Ale Works was the latest in 2017. I might not have even realized there was a new brewery except for the fact that I noticed Pinellas located kitty-corner to Cage Brewery.

Pinellas Ale Works is now open 7 days a week and has a nice outdoor patio with outdoor games.  Off the patio they have a separate indoor facility that can be used as a private party room. PAW offers $1 off pints during happy hour from 3PM to 6PM on Monday thru Friday.

Green Bench Brewing Company

Green Bench Brewing Company near Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg

Green Bench Brewing Company opens at noon every day except Monday in which they are closed. If you plan on attending a Tampa Bay Rays game, this brewery is conveniently located one block north of Lot 6 at Tropicana Field.

Their flagship beer is a hoppy American style IPA called Green Bench IPA 6.8% ABV. The other pale ale that I enjoyed drinking was the Demens’ Black IPA 7.3% ABV.

Green Bench has garage doors that allow the tasting room to open up to the street as well as a large patio on the side of the building with outdoor games. This St. Petersburg brewery made the 2016 USA Today’s “Readers’ Choice 10 Best” list for new breweries.

Overflow Brewing Company

Overflow Brewing Company near Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida

Overflow Brewing Company opens at 3PM during the week and Noon Friday thru Sunday. One of three breweries opening in St. Petersburg during 2018, Overflow opened in July.

When I visited in August, half of Overflow’s 16 beers were brewed on-premise while the other half were from other Tampa Bay and Florida breweries that are outside of St. Pete. I was told that they will eventually be serving only their own beers after brewing operations gets completely rolling.

Overflow Brewing has a happy hour from 3PM till 6PM Monday thru Friday with $1 off pints. You can get another dollar off by getting a chip for beers bought at St. Pete Brewing or vice versa. Overflow has 4 glass flights for $10.

St. Pete Brewing

A flight of beers at St. Pete Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Pete Brewing opens at 2PM during the week and noon on the weekend. While the interior is simple, this brewery had the most welcoming tasting room of any of the breweries I visited in St. Petersburg. The bartender was very attentive in pouring pints and enjoyed talking beer with his patrons.

I drank the St. Pete Orange Wheat 4.7% ABV which is a crisp American style wheat beer with a subtle flavor of orange and coriander. I then moved onto the Scottish Ale 5.9% ABV which had a delightful caramel malt flavor.

If you want to enjoy the weather and people watch, they have a few picnic tables on the front sidewalk.

Cycle Brewing

Inside Cycle Brewing in  St. Petersburg, Florida

Cycle Brewing definitely brews decent beer but they seem to be living in the days of prohibition concerning other aspects of the business. Who doesn’t have a website these days? Who only accepts cash these days? I found it funny because there were only two other people in the tasting room when I arrived and one of those patrons was having a back-and- forth with the bartender because he didn’t have cash. Also, the bartender seemed to be focused on something other than pouring beers and tending to guests. She basically wore a scowl that chilled the room. Everyone deserves a second chance but as of now, Cycle is literally last on my list as far as tap rooms in St. Petersburg. I have not yet returned as of late 2018 but it seems that they now accept Visa/MC but I haven’t confirmed. I guess that wouldn’t help me either since I use American Express.

Inoculum Ale Works

Inoculum Ale Works is located next door to St. Pete Brewing on 1st Ave. N. Inoculum’s Taproom opens at 3PM on Wednesday-Thursday and Noon on the weekend.  They’re closed on Monday and Tuesday. “Inoculum is Florida’s first full production sour only brewery.” I think they started brewing in 2017 and opened they’re taproom in 2018. I will clarify and expand Inoculum’s Brewery listing after my next visit to St. Petersburg. Their Beers

Avid Brew Company

Avid Brew Company is located right near Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. The taproom opens at 10AM Monday thru Saturday and Noon on Saturday. One of three breweries opening in St. Petersburg, Overflow opened in July. I have not yet been able to visit but Avid Brew was suggested to me by bartenders at other St. Pete Breweries and beer bars. Here is a current draft list

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