Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMOPA)

The building exterior of Photographic Museum of Arts

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMOPA)
400 N Ashley Dr. Cube 200
Tampa, FL 33602

FMOPA Website

Mon-Thur 11AM-6PM
Friday 11AM-7PM
Sat-Sun 12PM-5PM

Admission: $10

If photography is your medium, then Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is your museum. FMOPA usually has a couple exhibitions featuring international photographers along with a Community Gallery which has exhibitions from featured local photographers. The museum also has a permanent collection featuring mostly American culture of the last 50 years with some works dating back to the 1920s as well as international works.

Florida Museum of Photographic arts is open 7 days a week and is only $10 for admission. Make this an afternoon or late morning activity since they don’t open till 11AM during the week and Noon on the weekends.

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