The Hub Bar

The Hub Bar in downtown Tampa, Florida

The Hub Bar
719 N Franklin St
Tampa, Florida 33602

The Hub Bar Hours:
Everday 10AM-3AM

The Hub Bar near Tampa Theater is considered an institution in Downtown Tampa primarily because it’s been open since 1949. However, don’t be disillusioned! This is a dive bar if I’ve ever seen one. From looking at the decor, The Hub Bar may have not been remodeled since it opened which only adds to its dive bar mystique.

If you’re looking to get you drink on, The Hub Bar is the place for you. I had a Tito’s and Soda for $7 and it was the equivalent to 2 to 3 drinks at most other bars. I’m told that The Hub does a 3oz double pour on their basic cocktails. I also saw a $5 Long Island Iced Tea on the special board. This is an old school highball and domestic kinda bar. The Hub may have a couple craft beers and might be able to make a craft cocktail or two but I wouldn’t expect too much of either.

The Hub Bar has an old school juke box, video games, foosball, and a pinball machine. They also have live music on occasion.

The Hub Bar opens early and closes late and has an adjoining liquor store aka packy shop. From what I understand, “the only package store in downtown Tampa.”

Smoke em if you got em! If you don’t like cigarette smoke, this may not be the bar for you. Also be advised, The Hub Bar is cash only.

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