The Dirty Shame

A pint of Fuller's London Pride Real Ale at The Dirty Shame in Centro Ybor in Tampa, Florida

The Dirty Shame
1929 E 7th Ave
Historical Centro Ybor
Tampa, Florida 33605

The Dirty Shame Beer List

Dirty Shame Hours:
Monday-Friday 5PM-3AM
Saturday 2PM-3AM
Sunday 6PM-12AM

I walked down 7th Avenue in Centro Ybor and as the bars and restaurants began to become few and far between, I decided to call it a night. I stopped at Blind Tiger Cafe which was closing but they said I still had time to grab a quick espresso. As I downed my espresso, I asked the barista if there were other bars worth checking out going east on 7th. He told me “there’s one bar… it’s called The Dirty Shame.” I’m thinking… this sounds like my kind of bar.

The Dirty Shame is a cool pub literally on the edge of Centro Ybor in Tampa and you’ll probably miss this “Pub on the Edge” if you’re not looking for it. I guess you can classify it as a dive bar with an old school pub feeling. There’s not much on the internet concerning The Dirty Shame and it is not in the center of the Ybor action. I consider myself fortunate to stumble upon this friendly watering hole.

As soon as I walk into The Dirty Shame, I gravitated towards the 4 Angram Beer Engines drawing 4 different beer styles from Fuller’s Brewery. Almost in disbelief, I ordered a Fuller’s London Pride. I think the female bartender was a bit taken back from my excitement. The last time I had A Fuller’s cask conditioned real ale was 20 years a go in London with the head brewer, Reg Drury, in the brewery’s basement tap room.. When I told Richard (the owner of The Dirty Shame) my story, we immediately hit it off and began to exchange beer stories. Needless to say, Richard had more stories about his time living in Europe than I could have even dreamed.

The Dirty Shame has 23 beers on and another 30 beers in the bottle. Their beer list is a well curated combination of Florida craft breweries, American craft breweries, and well thought out selection from Europe. Dirty Shame also has full selection of liquor.

I’m fairly certain that the Dirty Shame has a happy hour but I honestly got so preoccupied that I forgot to ask. Bar games at The Dirty Shame include 4 dart boards, 2 pool tables, and a 50s style shuffle alley bowling game. Dirty Shame also has an outdoor patio bar which opens when business calls for it.

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